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 Alchemical Magic Mastery Sequences™ Attunement

AFTER you have ordered the Alchemical Magic Mastery Sequences™, you may then be attuned to transmit these energies to others.  A read only version of the attunement to transfer the Alchemical Magic Mastery Sequences™ is encoded into the image below.  Please align with GOD and ask if receiving this attunement would be aligned with your highest good. IF AND ONLY IF you get a YES, you may order below. The cost of this attunement is $100.










When I asked my guides what an attunement for Mastery Sequences™ does - several things came up: 

1. When people commit to transmitting the energies to others, this gives the councils of light more permission to assist the attuned individual and deepen and accelerate their growth.

2. The attunement helps attuned individual to clear out any blocks they have or any interferences with their ability to be a channel for these energies.

3. The attunement is designed to protect the energies from being misused. If a transmission of Mastery Sequences™ will lower any sentient being's love or light quotient, the Councils of Light will not transmit the energies. An example of a misuse would be if someone who was attuned to a Mastery Sequence tried to transmit those energies to another person without obtaining their permission.

4. It helps forge an energetic relationship with the Councils of Light and the attuned individual so that they can work more directly with that person and help them with their personal and world service work and the plans they made with GOD prior to incarnating.

5. They remind me to tell you that all that the attuned individual is doing is simply holding the sacred intent to transmit the Mastery Sequences™ to another person. It is the Councils of Light and the God Self of the recipient really who do all of the work. So it is nothing to stress out about.

Alchemical Magic Mastery Sequences Attunement ($100, prerequisite is ordering the Alchemical Magic Mastery Sequences)

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