Certified Practical Mastery™ Practitioners

This is a listing of active Practical Mastery™ Practitioners who are open to offering Practical Mastery sessions to clients. While there is at least one practitioner in each country listed below many of them are not listed in this directory.  Click Here for more information if you are a practitioner who would like to be listed on this directory. 


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Energy Healing Practitioners in US




Energy Healing Practitioners in Canada


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Energy Healing Practitioners in Italy


Energy Healing Practitioners in Sweden


Energy Healing Practitioners in United Arab Emirates


Energy Healing Practitioners in UK


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Energy Healing Practitioners in Mexico




Energy Healing Practitioners in Singapore







Omra Joseph
Levels I, II, III and IV Practitioner,
Byron Bay, Australia
Web Site: www.feathersoflight.net
Shamanic Multidimensional Master Healer/Teacher who offers Clairvoyant/Clairaudient/Clairsentient Readings






Hilde Devondel
Level I Practitioner
Brussels, Belgium
Web site: www.pegasuslightforce.be in French and Dutch ( English later).
PEGASUS Lightbody Development: Meditation, Clearing, Transformation, Manifestation, Mastery.






Anita Zarkel-Briggs, MSc, DCEd, RET, DAc
Levels I and II Practitioner
Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada
Phone: (506) 832-4831
The HealerWithin, offering emotional clearing and counseling. Distance sessions clearing limiting life program in the Akashic Field.
Lisa Whatley, 
Levels I, II and III Practitioner

Mt Elgin
, Ontario , CANADA
Email: lisa@infinitylighthealing.com
Website: http://www.InfinityLightHealing.com




Stefano Boselli
Levels I and II Practitioner
Roma, Italy
Email: intent777@hotmail.com 




United Arab Emirates:

Louise Poltronieri
Levels I and II Practitioner
Email: pula@emirates.net.ae

Sajith Salgunan
Levels I and II Practitioner



United Kingdom:

Christine Beckitt, CBT
Buckinghamshire, England
Email: Cbeckitt@aol.com
Web Site:  http://www.conscioushealth-uk.com

Marie Herbert
Email: marieherbert@btinternet.com
Web Site: http://marieherbert.com



United States:

Bill Austin
Founder of Practical Mastery™
Saint Petersburg, FL - USA
Email:  Bill.Austin@Prodigy.Net
Web Site: www.HealingHolograms.com
Keith Alban 
Parkland, FL - USA 
Email: kra02@hotmail.com 
Web Site: www.healing4evolution.com 
Mary Gayle Clarke 
Baltimore, MD - USA
Email: marygayle@toad.net
Eloiwa DeFreitas
Sandpoint ID USA
Email:  eloiwa44@yahoo.com 
Web Sites: 

John Detillier, Jr.
Destrehan, LA - USA
Email:  changing@cox.net
Website:  www.CLLLC.com

Mary Donsante, RN, BSN, RBAP,
PM Level I Practitioner
Rapha, Inc.
Avon Lake, Ohio
Email:  MDONSANTE@oh.rr.com
Holistic Case Management
Registered Body Activation Practitioner
Rising Star Healing Modality Practitioner
Ma'heo'o Reiki Master
Tony Harshbarger
Levels I and II Practitioner
Wichita, Kansas - USA
Gary Dale Tee
Washington, DC, USA
Email:  yogi.tee@gmail.com

Phone:  202-316-4740
Kathleen Woods
Bandera , Texas
Email: Kathleen8167@gmail.com
Website:  www.ClearYourEnergy.com


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