Audio Healing Modules

After I downloaded the sixteen additional new healing modalities, I got that I should put together some audio recordings that would draw on all eighteen modalities I have brought in so far.  For example, I created an Audio Healing Module for Depression, Despair and Hopelessness where I begin by asking the Creator to transmit some general clearing and balancing energies.  I then go on to transmit eighteen healing transmissions from each of the eighteen healing modalities I work with for depression, despair and hopelessness. At the end of the recording, I transmit energies to assist people to integrate the energies they receive with ease and grace. The initial twenty-five MP3 recordings are for: 

Each month I plan to add more of these because I get that they will be very powerful and will greatly assist beings on this world so stay tuned for further updates. If you have any ideas for these recordings please email me.


I created a new shopping cart just for audio recordings and digital images so that you can receive your products IMMEDIATELY after you place your order.  After you make an order, the order confirmation email that you will receive will contain a link on the Healing Holograms web site where you can download the images.  All you have to do is to click on the links and follow the instructions to find out how you can save the file to your computer. 

Orders over $100 for digital images qualify for a Twenty-One (21) Percent Discount.

To place an order for one of these Audio Healing Modules, just select the ones you want from the checklist below and Click the "Add" Button at the bottom of the form (each recording includes eighteen healing transmissions and is just two dollars per transmission or $36 total):

AHM: Aging and Getting Older
AHM: Alcohol Overuse and the Craving for Alcohol
AHM: Anger, Rage and Road Rage
AHM: Anxiety, Stress, Tension and Worry
AHM: Blame, Shame, Regret and Guilt
AHM: Co-Dependency and Emotional Neediness
AHM: Depression, Despair and Hopelessness
AHM: Diabetes
AHM: Fear, Phobias and Fear-Based Emotions
AHM: Genetic Weaknesses, Imbalances and Predispositions to Disease
AHM: Grief, Sorrow and Sadness
AHM: Heart Disease, Disorders and Conditions
AHM: Inner Child Wounding, Damage and Harm
AHM: Lack and Scarcity Consciousness
AHM: Low Self Esteem and Self Worth
AHM: Lust and Addictions to Sex and Pornography
AHM: Mental Illness
AHM: Negative Ego Programming
AHM: Negative Mental Attitude
AHM: Recreational, Prescription and Non-Prescription Drug Abuse
AHM: Self Destructive Behavior, Programs and Patterns
AHM: Self Sabotage, Doubt and Mistrust
AHM: Smoking and the Craving for Nicotine
AHM: Unresolved Karma and Forgiveness Issues
AHM: Weighing Too Much, Overeating, Sweet Tooth and Eating Disorders