Practical Mastery™Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment Sessions

The spiritual growth and enlightenment process really boils down to helping you release dense, slow frequencies from your consciousness so that you may embody your inner divinity which is the true reality of who you are. The ultimate goal for everyone on this planet is to learn how to embody unconditional love which is the state of enlightenment. The Practical Mastery™ modality has a lot of different kinds of enlightenment sessions - they have been split up into seven major categories.

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Practical Mastery™ Clearing

(Enlightenment sessions on clearing things like your shadow; covenants and vows; entities; environmental toxins; implants; karma; limitation profiles; abandonment, loneliness and separation; family, friend and work relationships; sex life; etc.)


Practical Mastery™ Shield Package

(This enlightenment session is comprised of a package of shields designed to help people to protect themselves from negative energies.)

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Practical Mastery™ Profile Purges

(Enlightenment session for purging profiles and programs on things like addictive behavior; anger and rage; core fear, depression, feeling depleted, burned-out and exhausted, negative ego, people pleasing and co-dependency; self sabotage; toxic family programming; worry; etc.)

 Practical Mastery™ Healing Profiles

(Enlightenment sessions providing energetic healing support for conditions like attention deficit disorder; central nervous system; endocrine gland system; immortality; self love; optimal health and well-being; physical and emotional trauma; trust; etc.)

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It is strongly encouraged that people begin out with the PM Shield Package and the PM sessions for clearing, profile purges and healing profiles before doing the PM sessions for abundance, emotional mastery and enlightenment.  The shield package and the clearing and profile purges set the foundations critical to the PM sessions for enlightenment and emotional mastery.
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Practical Mastery™ Abundance

(Enlightenment session on clearing your business, clearing your personal finances and money, divine ideal sequences for abundance and magnetizing clients)


Practical Mastery™ Emotional Mastery

(These enlightenment sessions help you move into the higher, love-oriented emotions like Joy, Compassion, Freedom, Happiness, Peace, Courage, Creativity, etc.)

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Practical Mastery™ Enlightenment

(Enlightenment sessions for things like clearing your life path; clearing your over-soul; divine child; embodying your god-self; emotional sovereignty; forgiveness; healing heart and soul fragmentation; healing your inner child and wounded child; releasing blocks; activating your holographic mind and multi-dimensional heart; perfecting your emotional and mental bodies; transcending judgment and criticism; etc.)



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