Practical Mastery™  Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing & Enlightenment Modality

Greetings!  My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer and teacher living in Florida. I have worked with many spiritual healing (aka energy healing and alternative energy healing) modalities for over six years now and I have had a blast doing this! But increasingly I find that I experience more peace, joy and passion from enabling and empowering others. Over the last year I have had the great honor to introduce the Practical Mastery™ Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment modality to this planet.

The Practical Mastery™ Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing and Enlightenment modality is comprised of a series of healing energy sessions help people clear negative energy patterns, release dysfunctional beliefs, embody positive emotions and become more peaceful and centered. The Practical Mastery™ Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment modality gives people a set of tools to assist them in growing spiritually and becoming enlightened.  There are six types of sessions in this modality: Enlightenment sessions for Abundance, Clearing, Shielding, Healing, Emotional Mastery and Profile Purges (to clear old programs from the subconscious mind).

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