How can I transmit these alternative energy healing sessions on to others?

I am now attuning people so that they can download these powerful Practical Mastery™ Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment sessions for themselves at their own pace and to transmit these powerful clearing, healing and spiritual frequencies on to others. This process is very easy and many of the people I am attuning for Practical Mastery have no previous experience whatsoever with alternative energy healing.

The Practical Mastery Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment modality comprises an extraordinary range of alternative energy healing frequencies, all of which can be directed to your clients with no effort or exertion on their part.  All of the Practical Mastery™ Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment sessions can be  done remotely!  You do not have to be present physically with your client or loved one at all and you don't even have to be on the telephone with them while you are doing the work.

I provide a detailed manual that explains the simple process that you need to follow to transmit these Practical Mastery Spiritual Healing sessions on to others. And of course, as soon as you are attuned as a Practical Masteryspiritual healer, you can transmit the sessions not only to others but also to yourself...  almost six hundred powerful alternative energy healing sessions that can transform your life.

Since each person is different energetically each individual you work with may have very different experiences with alternative healing. Some people have very sensitive energy bodies and fields and may experience physical feelings and sensations while they receive energy healing. While others may have less sensitive energy fields and thus may not feel much at all during a session.  People do not have to feel anything at all to benefit from alternative energy healing.

Dear Spiritual Healer

How can I benefit from energy healing?

What is alternative healing all about?




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